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Are we an estate agent?

No we are absolutely not an estate agent. Easyroom4you has only one line of business:

We rent properties from Landlords and provide accommodation to working professionals. We maximise your property value through caring, effective, ongoing management, while giving you peace of mind of knowing you don’t have to deal with tenants and estate agents.

Are we property managers?

Yes, in a way that’s who we are. We sign a short term or long term contract with you to take charge of your property, effectively becoming your tenant.

During our Agreement, we pay you a guaranteed rent, every month, regardless of your property being occupied or vacant. We take over the maintenance of your property and we take all phone calls from troubled tenants whose gas have suddenly gone on the blink.

Finding the right residents for your property, collecting their rents, and most importantly keeping them and you happy, becomes Easyroom4you responsibility.

How do we make our profit?

The way we make our money is very simple:

The differential between the rent we pay you and the rent we collect from our residents, that’s our profit. We charge our residents a premium for all the services that come included with their rent.

Our business model and our success in this industry is all about the high amount of properties we manage daily.

What kind of contract will govern our relationship?

We provide an Agreement in which effectively, Easyroom4you becomes your sole tenant for the period, and that give us the authority to manage the property on your behalf. As for our residents, they usually sign a 6 month contract and extended from there depending on the circumstances of each of them.

Who pays the rent to me?

Easyroom4you will be your tenant, so we pay the rent to you directly from our bank account to yours on the agreed date each month without any delay.

Are they any requirements before we take over your property?

In order to comply with the English law, we have some basic requirements up to date:

Gas Certificate

Energy Certificate

Smoke Alarms

All electric appliances in good working order.

Do we rent any property?

Not really however, if your property has 2 or more bedrooms and is located within zone 1, 2, and 3 in London and our basic requirements are met we would love to hear from you.

What happens if your tenant fails to pay the rent?

In the event of one of our residents failing to pay the rent that will not make any difference to you. If a Tenant does not pay the rent on time or fails to pay that is our problem, we contractually obliged to pay your rent until our Agreement expires.

Who are your tenants?

Most of our residents are young professionals, postgraduate and mature students and we limit the number of Tenants living at your property.

How do you select your residents?

We have managed to build relationships with well-known companies, recruiting consultants and education establishments. They approach us regularly to find accommodation for their clients. We also received many referrals via our happy tenants. We consider references from previous landlords and employers but our gut instinct is very important if we feel a potential resident is not suitable for your property and us we will not accept them.